Congratulations Sarah + Zach

Well this one was a hoot! I’ve known Zach since 5th grade and I’ve always known that his friendship was something special. We’ve been through quite a bit in the past 18 years and it was only fitting that Sarah and I shoot their wedding when that day finally came. Well when Zach met his Sarah we knew they were marriage-bound. Sarah and Zach have an energy to their relationship that is warm, bright and contagious. We were witness to their dedication to each other as they planned every aspect of their wedding together. When we shot their engagement photos down in San Antonio we got to see a preview of how they interacted and it was as if we weren’t even there. Their eyes were as locked as their hands the entire shoot and the joy on that day was palpable. Sarah and Zach complete each other and we are honored to have had the opportunity to be apart of their special day. Congrats you two.

Venue: TerraDorna