Congratulations Lindsey + Brice

Pecan Springs Ranch was the host of our most recent wedding and it was the perfect serene backdrop to the love that Lindsey and Brice share. We have days where everything just seems to click and this wedding was an amazing one to be a part of. Gloomy clouds filled the sky during our drive out to Pecan Springs but they quickly lifted and provided an amazing glow to the day. The lighting was like after a storm without all the rain and humidity that normally comes along with it. The ceremony alone would have been a cap on the perfect day as these two joined hearts. To borrow a line from the best man’s speech, “…even the cupcakes were in tiers!” The reception after was a blast to be a part of. You know it’s a party when the DJ and photographers all find themselves on the dance floor right alongside the guests. Keep an eye out for the full gallery on this one – it’s going to blow you away.

Venue: Pecan Springs Ranch
Florist: HEB Blooms
Makeup: Family Friend!
Music: DJ Sprocket